March 11th, 2006

Weiß Side B: Aya Shinigami

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Kimeru must've finished his run on TV. Where am I going to to get recipes from now? He should definitely do a cooking tour.

I suppose there's always the SMAP Bistro...

I collected my Tenimyu ticket at the post office yesterday. I can't believe I'm going now!

Anyway, you'll hear no more of it until the day of the performance.

I did my speech at the International Association. It went pretty well, although I think I spoke too fast. My teacher, kuroe's teacher and the organisers said I did really well though, so I'm glad. Altogether, there were twenty-seven speeches, from people from fourteen different countries.

Afterwards, we went to Starbucks and Animate. I got another Kyou Kara Maou figure from the capsule machine. I've tried four times now and every single time I've got a different figure. I've only got Wolfram left to get now, but I doubt I'll get him first try.

I also tried the Final Fantasy capsule machine. I got Tifa... There was no Sephiroth or Reno figure, so whatever.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, they're selling FF12-brand drinks in Animate. For 210 en, you can get a Final Fantasy 'potion'! I want one...!

You can also get get Wolfram-flavoured jam.

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...Anyway, I think you know how this ends. I bought a Yakitate-brand Biwa & Ringo Danish today.