March 29th, 2006

Tennis no Oujisama: Inui Juice

My first Tenimyu!

Wow. Where do I begin?

It's been a pretty long day. I got up at eight, caught a train to Odaiba at ten, and arrived about 11.30am. The first thing I did was join the line for Tenimyu goods. It took ages...! I was right near the front of the queue and everyone around me was getting very nervous as it got closer to the starting time. Some were quite upset at the staff.

Eventually, with ten minutes to go, I couldn't wait any longer. I abandoned the queue, as a handful of other people had too. Sad, but it would be kind of stupid to miss the performance because I was buying merchandise for it!

When I got into the main area, there was a goods booth there too! But I couldn't use it, because I only had ten minutes. WHY the staff upstairs didn't tell us that, I've no idea.

Anyway... the performance! Might be a few inaccuracies since I'm kinda tired now and have been on my feet all day. But this was so cool!

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And afterwards, I went to demachi... EEEE! Lots more waiting involved too, though, of course.

Must buy the DVD. Do they use a combination of performances for them, or do they just choose the best? I would love it if even a little of what I saw made it onto the DVD.

Did I pimp dilettantka's community? No?

Go to puri_puri for info on the Princess Princess series.

Newest info? PuriPuri live-action. As if I haven't had enough crack today!!