October 4th, 2006

Photography: Sakura

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I am in Japan, a ton of new anime is showing and I DON'T HAVE A TV.

But I have a fridge-freezer! It'll be delivered in under a week. I got it at Bic Camera in Ikebukuro. I think the saleslady thought I was a little strange when the first and only question I asked was "Is it a REAL fridge?"

You see, I've been having this trouble a lot. A standard conversation goes something like this:

Me: Please show me that small fridge.
Sales-staff: Certainly. Please look inside. There is lots of space.
Me. Thank you. I will buy it.
Sales: But first you should know is that this is not a real fridge!! It is a couple of degrees hotter than the required temperatures.

And I've gone through this for pretty much every single home appliance you can think of. Even vacuums that don't have enough power to clean a floor...!

In other news, today I sent out some parcels. That includes some people who sent me money immediately after receiving the invoice and also means nekojita will finally get that copy of WARD. Because I bought it at Animate, they gave me a free postcard of my choice too... I don't really know what your taste is in this matters, so I chose what seemed to be a sea captain and a stowaway. :P

In other news, all my friends are doing well! C just got a job as Editor in Chief of a RPG magazine in the UK, while B just became a NHK newsreader! Some of you may even know C, since he was the best man at my wedding. I believe Scribbles described him as "Tatsumi from the book world". So. But I still don't know yet if one of my students successfully got the main part in [anime]. She attended the audition the other week.

Me? I'm ...still writing. I think maybe I should switch to short stories and get some of them published. The confidence would be a big help, I think. And even if they aren't published, I would feel more like I was working towards my goal.

I joined a library for the first time today. I don't know why it took me so long. Anyway, it was HUGE! Even the room that houses records (vinyl) is only slightly smaller than my entire apartment! I don't think I found all the floors either, since it resembled a maze. I got the first volume of a young adults' version of Saiyuuki (only the tough kanji have furigana, so a twelve year old could read it with no problems) and a children's book on tea (EVERYTHING has furigana).

...This webcafe is trash. The drinks are good, but it doesn't have flash installed on its computers and only half the sockets work. Never again.

I can't read websites and I can't watch the Boys Love trailer. I want my own home connection very very badly.

Note: 16th October for Rikkai cast announce.