January 11th, 2007

Devil May Cry: Dante

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From Moonphase:
  • Takemiya Keiko-sensei's famous SF manga Terra e... will be made into an anime. She is also responsible for 'Kaze to Ki no Uta' ("The Song of the Wind and the Trees"), which was turned into a beautifully sad OAV. It's one of the classic BL manga. However, I don't believe that 'Terra e...' is BL.
  • The cast for Gurren Lagann has been announced.
    Simon: Kakihara Tetsuya-san
    Kamina: Konishi Katsuyuki-san
    Yoko: Inoue Marina-sam
    Leeron: Onosaka Masaya-san
    Viral: Hiyama Nobuyuki-san
  • The people behind Koutetsu Sangokushi really are trying to get their website together. Shame, it's totally my pick of the season. Anyway, they put up a character design (looks good!). And everything else that they deleted before.
  • The cast has been added for MOONLIGHT MILE. The cast are Inoue Kazuhiko-san, Hirata Hiroaki-san and Tanaka Rie-san.

    Now, my ROCK MUSICAL BLEACH the LIVE Bankai SHOW code:001 review. First off, it's a beautiful venue. I'm not used to that! It was really big, the acoustics were fantastic and there were so many people! The energy everyone was generating was amazing and it reminded me of Tagensanbruch: The Last Live 03 or Dream Live 3rd in that sense. Everyone seemed enthusiastic!

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