January 14th, 2007

Photography: Sakura

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I got my assignment for spring_fluff and am suddenly doubting I can do it. I have a plot, but is it good enough? Interestingly, when I loaded the email in Gmail, the adverts I was shown were for a ghostwriting service, a writer's group and something about furries. Hn?

I got a MySpace today. Seriously. My coworkers told me it wasn't complete rubbish, so I signed up. However, I've no idea how to add people! You appear to be able to 'subscribe', 'add as friend' and 'add to favourites', but I've only a vague idea of the difference. I also wrote down three of my favourite bands in my profile and tried, out of curiosity, to search for them. All three were there! Added first one as a friend and kind of panicked when it told me that they'd sent an e-mail to the user. Soooo... the friending system is completely different to Livejournal and Serious Business then? Otherwise, currently quite impressed with it. Help plz?

I downloaded 'Kon'ya wa Hurricane' yesterday! Do you remember the days when you had freehosts all offering TV-sized downloads of whatever random anime OPs had managed to make it to America? And you just downloaded everything because all anime was good? I only recently saw Bubblegum Crisis, and I really liked what I saw of it. Imagine Weiss if it was set in a future styled after the eighties and they were all women. Awesome, right?

Anyway, I was really missing this song, so I searched everywhere until I found it. To my utter amazement, I knew all the words to it and could sing along to it with ease. This is strange because I didn't start learning Japanese until long after it had left my harddrive all those years ago. I guess I must've really liked it.

Have you seen Jamie's review of Bleach Live? Apparently, the person Gin duets with changes each performance! So, maybe that's a real janken tournament? Any conceivable pairing is possible then... I wonder who will make it to the DVD?

Also, I completely forgot that Goumoto Naoya-san made a guest appearence. I swear I'll never write another review at 3.30am again... Until Bambino 2. And No Clouds In The Blue Heavens.

On Sunday, N-sensei is going to pick up my kimono in Asakusa. I'm glad to finally get it, because that caused a huge money shortage this month. Payday is Monday and since I've been walking part of the way home and saving money wherever I could, I have just enough money to go to the hidden Starbucks at the station where I change lines.

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