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18 January 2007 @ 21:11
On Wednesday night, I went to the cinema with kuroe to see Casino Royale. I thought it was a fascinating deconstruction of the Bond mythos, even though I'm sure that most people will just look at me funny if I say that.

Take the idea of the "Bond Girl". In the past, she's been a beautiful woman in very little clothing who can't help falling in love with Bond's charms. In this, the first woman who could be seen as fitting this description is Spoilers, I guessCollapse ).

Finally, I thought one of the first scenes with the Another spoiler, I guessCollapse ) was very, very cool. Much more interesting than the standard climactic battle.

I managed to get some nice trousers for work from UNIQLO on Wednesday. Near the store, there was a huge book fayre with lots of antique Japanese books, old copies of Jrock magazines, children's books, random issues of Fantastic Four, idol magazines and Potato and manga. In the end, I bought two doujinshi. The first was a fluffy-but-hardcore golden pair doujinshi. I liked it because Ooishi and Kikumaru switched and both seemed very happy. The second started with Yamato selling a little Tezuka-rabbit to Inui. I really liked the second one!

From Moonphase:
  • A few screenshots and snippets of information concerning Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
  • After-recording comment and photos from some of the women involved in ICE.
  • I haven't really got into Code Geass yet (no space left on my comp!), but these look so cute! They're chibi statues (about 60 mm tall) with real voice samples.
  • Yasuda Tsuyoshi-sensei's Over Drive is going to be made into a TV anime.

    I was meaning to ask, what would you guys make of either a Weiss Kreuz fanfic exchange or a contest timed to end on White Day? Which would you prefer, if any?