February 7th, 2007

Photography: Sakura

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I just got my JLPT3 results in the post. I PASSED!! Remember how I predicted that I was hovering around the pass/fail mark (60%) and only time would tell which side I fell on? Well, I passed at 79%, which is well above that mark. I'm stunned!

I'm thinking more about Dream Live 4th. Depending what time the performance was, maybe I could get to Yokohama after work...? In any case, I'm going to try to get a shift swap tomorrow.

(Amused that the map on Pacifico's website is 'printed on recycled paper'. What?)

I love Mixi! I love that allows me to spam as much as I want without wondering if I'm clogging up flists. Also, they have as many pointless communities, if not more, than we do. I'm looking at three different communities for people born on 31st March. And, of course, I joined the Side B comm.

From Moonphase:
  • Idea Factory added a CG gallery to their Ouran PS2 game.

    It sounds stupid, but BPAL is making me really happy right now. It's like I can renew an entire sense every day. Currently wearing Bordello -- I smell of plum and rum.

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    I'm stuck in a story and part of me thinks that possibly the best way around it is to delete most of the chapter I just wrote. I think maybe my problem is that I want to write military SF that operates on Gundam Logic (a boy gets into mecha and can fly it instantly -- whyever not?). I think I will talk about it more in a filtered post though.

    Spam me, please. I need a distraction.