February 15th, 2007

Photography: Sakura

Sleepy like a CAT!

Valentine Kiss
Sanada Gen'ichirou with Rikkai.

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I guess no one else was looking forward to the Megane's' (agh, that superfluous apostrophe bothers me!) single. Err... does anyone actually want Sanada's version of Valentine Kiss? I bought both today and Animate gave me chocolate for shopping there on Valentine's Day. Mmm... Maximum Fail Valentine Day Chocolate! Yay!

I like this version... but the ending took me by surprise at 1am. :P

Kitty is happy now, has food. I'm going to bed now. Tiiired.

EDIT: But I feel almost compelled to force the talk section on you all. Tomorrow, okay? Happy Valentine everyone!

EDIT the second: Download.