February 27th, 2007

Devil May Cry: Dante

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There is no drama in Noh theatre.

Except, you know, there is. *sigh* It's getting pretty complicated in the run-up to the concert. (Interestingly, I was reading the newspaper on Monday and was very surprised to see the concert listed in the events section. I thought that was pretty cool). So, what will happen on the day?

I'm currently deciding whether I should try to go to some kind of writing workshop in Roppongi tonight. Gah. It's held on the last Tuesday of every month and the ad in Metropolis made me think it would attract lots of English-speakers, but the webpage is written entirely in Japanese and it's listed as being held in Japanese. I would feel so left out! People would wonder what on earth I was doing there.

Someone tell me what to do!

So I emailed and, lo, it was cancelled. I'm glad I tried though. I'll go next month instead, I guess.

I think we find out if we win the Tenimyu lottery tomorrow.