February 28th, 2007

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I wish I could tell you the results of the Tenimyu lottery, but I can't get through on the telephone lines. All I get is "This line is seriously crowded, please wait a moment". So I did. They kept repeating that message for ages with no end in sight. I never thought I'd feel grateful for hold music. At least you feel like your getting somewhere.

...Never thought I'd say THAT either!

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Tick the statements you agree with.

"If I ruled the world, it would be a better place."
"I think I am a special person."
"I can live my life any way I want to."
"I derive a lot of pleasure from ticky boxes."

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Tenimyu lottery? We failed. We'll be trying Loppi on Sunday, I guess.

Also, I had my hair cut today. It looks exactly the same, except shorter. Still, I did have a lovely conversation with my stylist, whose name was Kusuda-san.

I noticed this article, about Trabants, which says they're apparently popular in Romania. I wonder if that's what Chloe really intended when he named his owl?


So let's forget about Tenimyu (for the next three days, anyway!) and talk about Weiss. I'm actually a member of an LJ comm dedicated to pointing out bad WK fic. I always join things like that, just to see if my fics turn up. (I'm also looking out for my friends', but the one time that happened, the person in question spotted it before I did! Still, I wonder what I would do in that situation...) For some strange reason, no one's pointed out that Aya and Mailbox is OMG SO NOT CANON. But, I have to wonder about some of the other "mistakes" the reviewer points out.

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This isn't a plea to write the characters my way, but to think about how many different ways there are of writing characters without violating canon.

Willing to hear opposing thoughts on what I wrote too. Anonymous posting is allowed too, if you really must. :)

(This is my new favourite icon, by the way. Even if my Schuldig is pastede on yay.)