March 23rd, 2007

Photography: Sakura

Gin on the rocks.

I've been so busy lately! Last week I went to a Korean cooking class and learned to cook many delicious food items.

On Tuesday, I went to a sentou ("public bath") for the first time with some friends. I was too scared to go in the past because the idea of walking around naked in front of strangers and accidentally doing something wrong scared me. However, my friends knew what they were doing and it was lots of fun! But it never occurred to me that such scenes from harem anime were accurate~!

On Thursday I went to 100% Chocolate Cafe near Tokyo station with kurayamihimitsu.

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The cocoa there is fantastic, but I don't think I can eat chocolate again for a long time. The second picture shows a combination of real chocolate icecream and espresso -- I was really hyper!

Which was just as well, because Rock Musical Bleach was in the evening.

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