April 3rd, 2007

Weiß Side B: Aya Shinigami

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Because you KNOW I'm not going to stop talking about this until the truth is uncovered. And no, it wasn't a April Fool joke.


Creator: Koyasu Takehito
Character Design: Sakaki Kuuya
Producer: Kikuchi Kouichi [Him? He's been consistently involved with Weiss as a producer from the very beginning.]
Project Group: Velvet Kingdom
Media: Multimedia. [What does this mean? Game? Lots of different products? WHAT?]

After a little poking around, I found THIS! Guess 2ch IS useful for something, after all!


Forgotten are the number of kisses
Forgotten are the number of tears
Repeatedly altered memories
The truth is in your endlessly distant memories
In order to regain my beloved
I need to awake from this world of darkness
In order to take revenge

"AYA of the thirteen executioners...."

Each time AYA chooses a capable person from among twelve other people according to what the mission requires. [Some Japanese I can't makes sense of which looks depressingly simple] There are thirteen, of course.

13 vile murderers versus 13 executioners. [Pirate versus ninja?]
They are individual professsionals but the whereabouts of these dark soldiers who share special techniques and experience are...

Character Introduction:

AYA [Helpful, yes?]

Her nickname is V. What are her true colours? Acting as the secret police she controls these dark executioners. ["Dark executioners"? TOTALLY Weiss.]

KURO [Probably not Chloe. Doesn't look like him.]
A member of the thirteen and living with AYA [The term used is kind of strange and means a person who lives with a family. Flatmate, perhaps?]. His real job is as a photographer. He's dedicated to recording Aya's memories through photographs in order to try and retain his fading memory. [Oh... my... *preemptively ships*]

Image Song:

Lyrics: Nishioka Kazuya [The usual WK lyrics writer, btw!]
Composition: ?Kagaya? ?Shio?
Singer: Koyasu Takehito.


Poll #959016 Velvet Under World

Is this connected to Weiss Kreuz?

It's a little too early to tell. Probably.
It's a little too early to tell. But probably not.
I think this is all just a big coincidence.
I hope so! I hope so! I hope so!
I will watch this regardless of the connection or lack thereof.
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