April 23rd, 2007

Velvet Under World: Desperate For More W

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Thank you very much for the virtual flowers, yohjideranged! That's the first time anyone's sent me an LJ v-gift, so I'm delighted! :)

Velvet Under World characters have been updated... and you won't BELIEVE who's in there...!

Check it out now!


He always has a thermomemeter in his mouth. He's an authority on computers.


A lively boy. Although he's embarrassed about it, he's an expert in the manuafacture of explosives and bombs.

So that would be Pawn from Crashers, right? And... a thermometer in his mouth at all times? WTF, Koyasu?

I need more VUW icons -- any caption ideas? :)

EDIT: I completely forgot the OP song is "ALTERNATIVE". Is that a clue, do you think?