May 1st, 2007

Photography: Sakura

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In the future, I bet we'll have flying cars and be able to send money to other countries without any fuss. Haha, science fiction is wacky.

(And if you're thinking, "um, Paypal?" No. NOT Paypal.)

I'm trying to send money overseas and I can't find anything that doesn't require stupid amounts of pre-registering but "kokusai soukin". And even that seems to have fees and TMI required.

I wouldn't blame the seller if s/he gave up on me. What are the rules about sending (large amounts of) money through the post anyway...?

I mentioned a little while ago that the vet opened Train's eyes. Right now, we don't know if they're closing up again or healing, but he seems to be able to follow a cursor around the monitor. Which would mean that he isn't following the sound or air currents, but can actually see!

I thought we were just getting our hopes up before, but it really looks possible!

Yaoi fans should check out Saigo no Tobira wo Shimero!! ["Close the Last Door", Subs Aarin Fantasy]. I haven't downloaded it and so don't know the quality, but if you enjoyed Papa to Kiss In The Dark and Sensitive Pornograph, you're sure to like this one too. When I can watch video again without overloading this comp, I'll try getting it.

"Bokura no" #3 is out too. ARGH. Must... not... overload... computer...

I'm sorry I'm not replying to comments. I'm worried about overloading the computer and so I'm not spending much time online. I'm also pretty tired right now, so I'm really sorry. If there's something important, comment here please and I will definitely reply tonight.