May 10th, 2007

Gohatto (Dimmie)

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If you haven't read about it on your flist already, you might want to take down any meme results that showed your "LJ MOJO". Because they are now Goatse.

If you've been shielded from this (rather old) internet meme, lucky you! Don't look at it, you'd rather not know. Just take it down by editing your post directly.

More info here (from the people who did it) and the subsequent wank report here.

I finished the first full chapter of that thing what I am writing the other day (I hesitate to call it a "novel"). I feel pretty accomplished, but I still need to edit, of course.

It's a (slashy) sci-fi murder-mystery and it kind of makes me laugh how much effort we put into making the future seem realistic -- flying cars or high-tech computers or whatever, when what would really be a true depiction of the future is a group of bloggers spreading around a picture of a man with his arse agape.

The future is here.

Apparently, if you buy all five of the the HAPPY★BOYS CDs from Animate (total: 6250 en), you get to go to a handshake event featuring Seto Kouji-san, Katou Keisuke-san, Shindou Gaku-san and Nagashima Shuugo-kun.

I haven't even watched it though...