May 15th, 2007

Bokura no: I can has chair

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The new fan has just been installed in this computer and so I finally got to see "Bokura no" #3.

Bokura no #3 [Subs, Triad]

I love this series. My initial guess at what happened to Waku looks like it's going to be pretty accurate. The last sequence in this episode was creepy.

The writing seems to have improved too -- at least, there are less reasons for info dumps. The emotion in this episode was intense, with a mix of the desperation and finality felt by the adults combined with the naivete of the children.

Having only read the first manga, I don't know if they added this episode or changed the order of the episodes. The first volume ended with the same revelation as this episode, but the story of the boy who wants to be one of the chosen (his name is failing me right now) had already been told by then.

Who's watching this? Who's watching this who hasn't read the manga? Anyone...?