May 16th, 2007

Bokura no: I can has chair

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As promised, here are some of the pictures from the Thai Festival in Yoyogi Park.

Before The Event

Half-naked samurai embrace // The crowds

Thai Food

Spicy chicken // How to cook Green Curry // Dragonfruit

Thai Culture

Fruit carving // Dancer // Masks

Street live

After the park

I want to eat Thai food again...

I watched "Bokura no" #4 today. I really like the opening theme and looks like it might be good for karaoke. I might even buy it. I don't like the ending theme so much.

Bokura #4 [Subs, Triad]

Some very nice stuff in this episode, including Koemushi explaining how the robot is powered. Collapse ) Kodama's secret is he's a cat. I mean, my cat does that all the time. Collapse ) I just googled to find out how his name is romanised and apparently he shares a name with a Native American fertility god. Well. Maybe it's relevent?

That... is one incredible stream of consciousness. But it's gone midnight and I love this series! Should I download the raw of #5...? So tempting. I think I'll just buy the next manga at Animate. I'm going there because WARD should be out this week if my calculations are correct. Probably either today or tomorrow.