May 17th, 2007

Photography: Sakura

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Velvet Under World site update

16th May. Thank you for waiting! The "Characters" section has been updated. We've received many messages about your seiyuu predictions and we've now added the final characters. Everyone, please take part! The polls will close on May 31st.


An unequalled beauty. She uses her good looks to accomplish things.

[Disappointing. Doesn't she have any, you know, skills?]


Cleans up after missions. A boy that can "clean up" silently.


A girl of mystery. Possesses psychic abilities.

I'm going to ask anyway:

Poll #986451 Velvet Under World

As you know, single-series communities often get dropped soon after broadcast has ended. How would you feel about a Velvet Under World community that also allowed seiyuu and Koyasu-related crack?

I would join.
Actually, I think one that was just about VUW would be cool in its own right.
*Sigh* ANOTHER comm I have to join for information?
Sorry, not my fandom.
I wouldn't join.

I bought WARD yesterday and was pretty disappointed with the length of WSB. Only 16 pages! They said that the next issue would be the climax, so I guess that's to do with pacing issues. Still. Collapse )