May 29th, 2007

Photography: Sakura

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From Moonphase:
  • PYUU to Fuku JAGAA (Or "Pyu to Fuku Jaguar", depending on your romanisation preference) is going to be made into both a live action series and anime. My cat is very excited about this anime judging by how much he keeps jumping all over the keyboard to write his own entry. Silly kitty, it's not really about Jaguars! It's about a boy who wanted to play the guitar, but ends up having to play the recorder, according to Anime News Network. Looks like fun and Train thinks so too!

    I don't think I mentioned the adverts that ran before PotC the other day. There's the stuff you expect -- the Pirates of the Caribbean computer game and... err, well, that was it, really! The cinema had a lot of public service annoucements -- respect your city and stop bullying in schools. Finally, there was this (female) model dressed as Jack Sparrow on a desert island. As she comes ashore, she takes off the fake mustache, the hat and -- lastly -- the clothes to reveal a bikini. She drinks C.C.Lemon while a voice-over mutters something about "PIRAAAAAAATES!!".

    Want to see the ad? Go here. Err... it's flash. So go there, select the PotC bottle, then select "CM INFO" and choose the second movie clip.

    I totally had more to say. I'll think of it eventually, I'm sure.