June 14th, 2007

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So, a bit of extra money would be nice after the move, since it does tend to get pretty expensive what with Tenimyu coming up and all. So, I'm going to be doing free tarot readings, after which you can choose to donate a little bit of money if you are both willing and able.

I can also do free Japanese -> English translations. You know me -- I'll translate anything and am pretty unshockable (whether by the dorkiness level or the level of the explicitness!). Once again, you can choose to donate a little bit of money afterwards if you are willing and able.

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If you want a reading, leave a comment and -- if you want -- a specific question or area you want answered. I'll be using Shimizu Reiko-sensei's deck and the spread will probably be the Celtic Cross unless your question suggests a different one to me. Questions about your future life alongside zombies OK! :P

If you want a translation leave a comment and a link to the material (webpage or scan). Make sure you clearly indicate what you want translated.

From Moonphase:

    I actually got around to watching "Close The Last Door". Oh... wow... That was pretty terrible, wasn't it? I'd even go so far to say it was the worst BL OAV I've ever seen!

    That doesn't mean to say I didn't like it. On the contrary, I laughed the whole way through. I don't think that was the intended reaction though.

    If they just lost the rampant misogyny and the i'm-not-gay-i'm-not-gay plotline, it might be quite endearing, actually. And yet... "oh hey, I've always loved you too" kind of plots do something funny to me.
  • Devil May Cry: Dante

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    I can hear the zombies' moans from inside this internet cafe. Sounds a bit like enka really.

    I hope my flist is okay, but those of us in Japan aren't too badly off. Almost everyone at my school has an earthquake preparation kit and we have these nylon chutes that you can slide kids down from the upper floors in an emergency. So, we should be fine.

    We cancelled English classes today and learned how to take down zombies -- you should go for the brain stem, apparently. The first years are adorable when they try hacking up the living dead. They are -- dare I say it? -- kawaii. Morning exercises and school assembly were as usual, of course.

    Take care, everyone. And aim for the brain stem!