June 21st, 2007

Photography: Sakura

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Presale information for Tenimyu came out! Tickets go on sale this Sunday Saturday and I guess I'll try for them. Doesn't really affect my money situation since I won't get them. Hah.

I was a bit curious about this section on the mail though:

"The performance will concern the third generation of Seigaku versus Rikkai. However, two members of Higa-chu will also debut. The familiar Rokakku will be the special guests, as always."

Always the last to know...

From Moonphase:
  • Strait Jacket is being made into an OAV.
  • The new Macross work will be provisionally titled Macross 25.
  • Sky Crawlers site now open.

    It's so hot here... and I think my mobile is broken or on its way out. Apparently we're due rain though. Here's hoping!