June 22nd, 2007

Photography: Sakura

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The rain came, but it didn't help much. If anything, Tokyo feels more humid than ever.

Anyway, I decided to come to this internet cafe again because I had a terrible day. I have also got through another book on my free book list titled "Father Frank" which I hated slightly less "Looking For Andrew McCarthy". It's more readable than the last one and more funny too. That wouldn't be hard really. I actually ended up hurling that last book at the wall when the two female characters started to lament about how women can't make mix tapes. Seriously, what?

I found the main character likable at first, then grew to hate him. He gives grand speeches and then everyone tells him how wonderful he is and applauds. A real Gary Stu. He's sort of set up as this working class hero whose lack of faith gives him mystic insight into the workings of the Catholic Church. And he hates hospital radio (probably because the author does too, I suspect).

Another post from Koyasu-sama! Following his advice, I have applied for the event. ;)

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From Moonphase:
  • Sword of the Stranger official site now open.
  • Juushin Enbu's animation confirmed.

  • Voice posts now available outside America! Including Japan, it seems...