July 3rd, 2007

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Another diary entry from Koyasu-sama.

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1) It is reassuring to note that Tey's portrayal of him in Weiss Thursday was fairly accurate.
2) "You"? Is that the coupling to "ALTERNATIVE"!?
3) For those of you unaware of the details, the masterpiece that Koyasu-sama refers to is about a man who fights injustice with his nostril hair.

I feel half-dead today. This cold has knocked me out almost completely.

kuroe and I went to Tsutaya (a video chain) the other day and rented four DVDs, mostly of anime that I've wanted to see for a while.

Gintama DVD 1 (episode 1-2)
Only two episodes per DVD? That's crap! Anyway, I really like this one so far. It's off-the-wall and random, but not so random that there isn't a plot like, say, BoBoBo. We both almost choked on our dinner when Collapse )! And there are so many pop references (For example, the man they meet in the first two episodes turns out to be Collapse )). It must be really difficult to write fanfic for this series, trying to figure out which elements of everyday life are Edo style and which are modern.

NHK ni Youkoso (Welcome to the NHK) DVD 1 (episode 1-2)
I had heard this was good, but I had no idea what it was about. In any case, it's about a hikikomori (a special kind of Japanese recluse) named Satou who is "adopted" by a girl who wants to cure him. He tries to deny he's a hikikomori and ends up Collapse ). The DVD didn't go beyond this point since there's only two episodes per disk. Don't know if I'll rent more.

Shounen Onmyouji DVD 1 (episode 1-2)
A story about the grandson of Abe no Seimei. I rented it only because it's going to become a musical very soon and I wanted to get the basic plot (I still know nothing of Air Gear!).

At first, I really liked Mokkun. I wonder how long that will last, though? Once again, although I've seen posters advertising the series, I had no idea of the connection between him and the pretty redhead in them. I laughed when I found out. :)

I can't help wondering how they will portray Mokkun in the musical. I mean, they had some pretty "interesting" ideas for special effects in the Naruto musical, didn't they? Maybe they'll just have a pretty boy with rabbit ears...?

Death Note DVD 1 (episode 1-3)
I kind of swore off anything other than the movies because I like L so much. I suppose your reaction to that would depend if you see Death Note as a battle of wits between two geniuses or about Light's descent into madness in which the action revolves around him. Seems like a lot of people thought it was the former (it should have been!), but it was really the latter.
But... I was kind of swept up in the hype that came with the broadcast of the final episode and when I saw it in the video shop, I decided to get it.

It follows the manga closely so far, scene by scene if not panel by panel. I found that I liked Light a lot more than I did in the movie because he's clearly bonkers. I like that in anime pretty boys. He has the maniacal laugh down perfectly.

What's cool about the anime is that they've decided to go the route of epic melodrama. They've taken out the humour (too bad really, but then why make an identical anime?) and replaced it with a Kira chorus and split screen effects. It's very, very cool. I loved the last scene in the first episode:

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Not to mention the bit where Light's writing the names with great flourish and the Kira chorus. I want to see more.

...From the only LJ that brings you the latest AND oldest anime news. :P

When you see another foreign in Japan, there are pretty much two options. You can ignore them (90% of the time) or you can smile and even say 'hello'. The latter happened to me today and we got talking. But we went to a coffee shop and had coffee and now I'm suffering from too much caffeine as well as a cold. I had a lots of fun talking though, mostly in a mix of Japanese and English.