August 1st, 2007

Photography: Sakura

I put on my wizard hat...

I don't know... I don't feel so great so I'm logging on to mope on LJ. Great move. There's no particular reason why, either.

Sorry if I'm not replying to comments. There's so many of them...

From Moonphase:
  • Some fabulous news! You may remember that I mentioned an anime called "Strait Jacket" a while back. Now they've released the cast list and Miki Shin'ichirou-san is at the top!
  • Another one I mentioned earlier, called "Ghost Hound" or "Shinreikari" (Needless to say, the second one sounds so much cooler!) also had the cast list revealed. It will include Hoshi Souichirou-san and Fukuyama Jun-san. The main character will be played by Harry Potter's dub actor. :P
  • Also, yeah, another one I talked about, called "Rosario to Vampire" has now has its cast list released as well. Stars Mizuki Nana-san and Kishio Daisuke-san. I have to admit that the flash page they chose (a little unworksafe, btw) does make me have some doubts about checking out the series.
  • A "table talk RPG" called Night Wizard is being animated. This made me curious because my best guess is that "table talk" is Japanese English for "tabletop". That's the only reason I'm mentioning this, really. New word!