September 8th, 2007

Photography: Sakura

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Er... My inbox is flooded with comments about Weiss Side B? And comments from older posts too. Sorry if I don't reply to them all. I'm a bit overwhelmed. ^^ Where did everyone come from? Not that I'm complaining, just a little surprised.

If you are interested in the little information I have on the subject, Oomine Shouko-sensei said on the contents page simply, "Thank you very much. It was always my decision to end it."

[Edit: It has come to my attention that I have drunk too much free coffee and my replies are nonsense. Stopping now. My Sun muse is delighted to have found an article on bees in the meantime. 76000 words and counting... we'll get there!]

The typhoon was fairly mild, it turned out. The only problem was the MASSIVE train crowding. I thought I was going to break something on the way into work. I was sandwiched between two businessmen so tightly that my feet didn't touch the floor.

My parents are arriving in just a couple of days! A little bit scared, a lot excited! My mother sent me an e-mail saying 'gomen nasai for not writing sooner'. She'll fit in fine here, haha! (With my recent string of bad luck, I had convinced myself it would culminate in something terrible happening in the UK, so was getting stupidly worried over their inability to answer the phone. Turns out they were busy preparing for the holiday.)

I went to a festival in Musashi-Koyama after work today. It seemed like a really cool place, although the festival wasn't great (no street vendors!). Reminded me of Shimo-Kitazawa, actually, except bigger. Maybe we can all hang out there if it turns out there's an izakaya to rival Talat. :)

Tomorrow is the sanma festival in Meguro, follow by Dungeons and Dragons. Sanma are a kind of fish, although I don't know the name in English. It's a truly excellent country that has an entire festival dedicated to eating a certain fish. :P

I'm kind of strange to see subbed versions of Crisis Core turn out on my flist... because it's been playing for days now on the train with no sound whatsoever! Subs... HUH? :P

A little behind on the Koyasu-sama translating, but here's his entry before last.

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