September 10th, 2007

Photography: Sakura

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It seems that everyone's spending their summer holidays well... Me? I'm still writing and working. It's fun in it's own way. I'm around 78000 (unedited) words now.

The other day I went out to the sanma festival, but I didn't get any fish. They'd lined up huge barbecues alone the street and the smell of grilled fish wafted all over the city, but the queue was massive! Stretched up the street and back again! I went to a small corner and ate some mango shaved ice and taco-rice from Okinawa (apparently!) and watched some street performers. They were playing with traditional Victorian children's toys and impressing a crowd who'd never seen them before. I guess they must have been from Osaka, since they'd point to the sky and go "What's that!?" in thick Kansai-ben whenever something went wrong. :)

Today I went out with kurayamihimitsu and we got our hair cut. I look like a girl! :P At least they took care of all the frizziness, I guess. After that, we went to Claire's accessories to buy Halloween costumes. I have bat wings for my back and head now. We also found a World Sweet Shop and bought lots of cola bottles. After that, we went to an izakaya. Lots of fun.... I'm due to do an extra long shift tomorrow, then my parents arrive the day after.