September 13th, 2007

Photography: Sakura

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Okay, doing that meme that I've seen on my flist.

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Perhaps they should have asked for areas that I was talented in, rather than interested in. Many of these are fun choices, but not for me. It's rumoured that you have to be able to draw before you become a comic illustrator...
Meanwhile, 'writer' and 'translator' are 22 and 25 respectively.

I went to the gym yesterday. I love going since each machine has its own television and I don't have one. Anyway, I was surprised to see a hastily put-together NHK documentary on Abe Shinzou's resignation.

I also went today. It seems like he's got his doctors to give a press conference saying that he had entered hospital due to stress. Certainly opinion has focused on the timing, saying that if he was going to step down he should have done so after the recent election, not immediately after a policy speech. There was plenty of confusion yesterday and lots of Jimin members standing around going "I don't understand his feelings well".

My number one politician I want to resign is still Yanagisawa Hakuo. D: The man is made of FAIL.

And in more news (but less current), a link from yuki_scorpio:

Anita Roddick died

Hooray for British friends, at least. The newspapers don't cover that kind of stuff here...

Ironman movie trailer

Some of this looks really cool, some of this looks like utter trash. More to the point, I doubt these categories coincide with what the producers think I'm thinking. In other words -- very, very interesting take on Tony Stark. Rubbish Ironman outfit. Rubbish origin story. WTF?

More old news...

Indiana Jones 4

People are already complaining about the title. Does no one remember "...and the Temple of DOOM"? Huh?