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18 September 2007 @ 11:38
As I mentioned before, my parents, little brother and his girlfriend are here, so I'm doing all the stereotypical tourist things, some for the second or third time, some for the first time.

Below is a write-up, plus my best photos. I've directly linked the best ones and put a link to the others. Feel free to skip ahead to the pictures -- in particular, check out the ones of Kamakura, because they're incredible. Also cut for sheer length.

My parents. Let me introduce you to them.Collapse )

Yokohama.Collapse )

Mount Takao.Collapse )

Next, was Kamakura. We decided to go this Sunday because there was the annual ritual featuring horseback archery.

Bows, arrows and fruit needed for the ritual.

As for the riders themselves, I'll let the pictures speak because I honestly believe they're stunning. It's incredible to be able to see something like this today.


Kamakura continued.Collapse )

Hakone.Collapse )

Today, my parents are coming to visit my apartment...

And what everyone's really been waiting for... another post from Koyasu-sama.

4th September 2007 (Tues) // The ban's been lifted.Collapse )