October 8th, 2007

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Like I said yesterday, I signed the forms I needed at nine on Saturday morning at Shinjuku Head Office to get my visa paperwork. It looks like my area manager rushed it through. ♥

Before I knew about any of this, crabsushi kept me company with chocolate and coffee until I felt sick. This isn't a complaint! ♥

The head office is on the twenty-third floor of a building straight out of a sci-fi epic. Although it's an oblong, the centre is hollow and you can look straight down to the black-tiled courtyard below from the inner corridor. From the offices themselves, you get a good view of Shinjuku and the rest of Tokyo. There's also a pendulum clock around 27 metres tall that stretches from the ground upwards. The pendulum itself makes up at least half of that height. I heard that Shinjuku (specifically Kabukicho) was used as inspiration when designing the sets of Blade Runner and you can understand that completely.

Speaking of Blade Runner, I watched a bit of Ghost In The Shell: Innocence the other night, which often has the same kind of atmosphere and 'feel' to it, I think. The blurring of the boundaries between human and machine, the sense of alienation, even the soundtracks have similar qualities. It really hit me when Batou is in his apartment with his dog. The lights are flashing in from outside and you can even see a tiny fan in the corner. He also briefly flashbacks(?) to a scene with a clockwork dog. It's so sad, but I don't know why!

The difficulty with Innocence though is that the dialogue is really, really hard to follow (luckily, the plot's very simple). They're making up words and the officials are sprouting military & police terms which are sometimes five kanji long and beyond -- I had to put the Japanese subs on! Even so, I'm only watching half an hour at a time since it's too depressing otherwise. Stunning visuals, though!

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I went to the final showing of the Shounen Onmyouji musical today. I bought the ticket a long while ago...

I feel a lot happier now! The musical was lots of fun. One thing I didn't know was who was playing who, although I knew Juri was in it. But if you have an anime musical with a tall, hulking, hot biseinen and you have Juri in your cast... well, who do you think he's going to play?

They seemed to drop the songs as the finale approached, but I thought they were really catchy. I guess they are best described as combining Shinto-style chants and disco music. Seriously, how is that not awesome?

While watching Juri was enjoyable, I really liked the woman playing Mokkun. I thought that was going to be the character that would either make or break the musical. I mean, a talking rabbit-cat-thing? It's going to take a lot of convincing! But she did it well and had a strong singing voice.

The shikigami were very easy on the eye (Guren and Seiryuu!), although I was a little concerned by a few of the really young cast members -- specifically the pink demon kid. Too young, really.

The DVD will be released on the 25th February, so maybe I'll have money by then?

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