October 28th, 2007

Weiß Side B: Aya Shinigami

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Well, the news about Nova has finally hit Britain. We're on the BBC !

On Friday, branches were closed and a message posted that they were to be delayed indefinitely. Meanwhile, Nova filed for protection from bankruptcy and Saruhashi ("Monkeybridge") was kicked out.

We've got a lot of people wondering about kuroe and I back home, which is a bit funny because we're in no worse position than we were. In fact, Nova admitting that it's in trouble actually helps us a lot. I have a theory that seeing it in newspapers makes it more real. People didn't realise how big the problem was before?

On Friday evening , I was at my job interview for transfers from the Nova ALT program and the atmosphere was pretty strange. We had a would-be businessman at the back who'd studied the financial situation in the papers, a woman who'd received a last minute 'goodbye' phonecall from one of our bosses (no one else had), people who were down to their last ten thousand yen and people who thought it was fascinating and hilarious (err... that would be me). Afterwards, a few of us went to this really classy but cheap standing bar and got a couple of drinks. Emotions were fairly mixed; on the one hand we were going to survive and carry on with our schools, on the other hand we had just agreed to a pay cut for more work. The amount ALT recruitment companies skim off is obscene. We laughed at our notions of "doing it for the kids". I mean, seriously? What are we thinking?

That's the saddest thing. No one's doing this because they're jumping on the first job that comes along. We're doing it because we love the school we're with and we don't want to let them or the kids down. We've been offered a crappy deal by this company. Well. Only until March!

I'm kind of on an enforced holiday right now -- apparently I can't legally go into school on Monday because I have no insurance.

So, kuroe and I had our first day off together in months. Although typhoon 20 was in the process of hitting the Kanto region, we decided to go out for lunch and rent some DVDs from Tsutaya to celebrate.

As usual, we got a WWE wrestling ppv recording and a few anime. "Strawberry Panic" is really good! I love the current Etoile (did I romanise that right?). It's set in (three?) all-girl Catholic schools on top of a hill and the love triangles that form. It's funny, cute and the female characters are genuinely strong for once. Oh yeah, it's also mild yuri, if you hadn't guessed, although there's nothing explicit (not even a kiss)! Recommended so far, although there're only two episodes per DVD. Probably worth mentioning that I've never seen "Maria-sama ga Miteiru".

Today, I went to see "Switch wo Osu Toki". It wasn't nearly as depressing as I thought it would be, Collapse )

Oh, I thought I saw starrbeam there, but when I said 'hello', she looked straight through me and left her seat. Was I mistaken? ^^