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22 November 2007 @ 19:05
No one told me there was a "Harukanaru Toki no Naka de" stage musical...! Click on the right panel to see info about the actors, including in-character shots. The only Tenimyu boy whose name I recognised immediately was Juri, but there might be more?

I don't know half the names, but the pictures...!

More from Koyasu Takehito. The post after this is just someone laying down the rules about the blog. I don't think it's even Koyasu speaking, and so I didn't feel like translating.

I've caught a cold too, just like him, and I'm pretty feverish myself. I wonder if I'm worse translating now than when I was drunk? I think so...

17th October 2007 (Wednesday) // Busy.

17th October 2007 (Wednesday) // Busy.Collapse )

28th October 2007 (Sunday) // A bat!?

28th October 2007 (Sunday) // A bat!?Collapse )

31st October 2007 (Wednesday) // Please?

31st October 2007 (Wednesday) // Please?Collapse )