December 12th, 2007

Photography: Sakura

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Thanks for your kind thoughts everyone... particularly the anonymous who got me a nice hug for my profile. I don't know who you are, but it was really appreciated. *hug*

Luckily, I spent some time with kurayamihimitsu this afternoon/evening and felt very much refreshed after that. She took me to this great Thai place in Omote-Sando. Of course, Tenimyu had a little to do with it too (perhaps not as much as she thinks though...).

My favourite myu is probably Rikkai Second Service, since it was more even, but this one hit some GREAT highs. It was just a little uneven. Strangely though, I came back from this myu feeling more excited than I'd previously at a Tenimyu. Maybe it was the opening scene...? Or the Higa dance routine which, if not the number one best scene in any Tenimyu EVAH, has to be in the top three?

Once thing to mention is that Baba Tooru-kun seems to be injured. He took part in the speaking sections and a few of the more static dances, but sat out of the energetic ones.

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