December 19th, 2007

Photography: Sakura

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People are actually talking about Weiss Kreuz on my flist and it warms my heart. :)

Some of it has been sparked by a new comm: wk_fic_finds, which is also for discussion as well as recs. There's also a little more discussion on scribblemoose LJ.

Coincidentally (really!), I was also going to rec a piece myself.

First up is Paralyzer (chapter one) by mamisan. Basically, I love pre-Kapital stuff, particularly ones that use Rosenkruez as a backdrop. This is Crawford x Schuldig, where Schuldig is (almost) at the top of his league and how he deals with being bought by a man who's at the very, very top. It's looking good and chapter two is just out.

Weiss meme! Who wants to answer? If you do, put a link in the comments. :)

(I'll complete it myself later... I don't have much time left at the internet cafe.)

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A few more reviews of Higamyu:

Here, by dilettantka.
Here, by sonokoszk.

From Moonphase:
  • Kurogane no Linebarrels animation decision. One of the stars is Fukuyama Jun-san.
  • Nabari no Ou. About the world of shinobi? Looks good! You can see a promo video at Comiket.
  • Junjou Romantica's OP theme will be by pigstar, the ED theme by SCRIPT.

    'Death Star Galaxy' photo.

    "This composite image shows the jet from a black hole at the center of a galaxy striking the edge of another galaxy, the first time such an interaction has been found..."

    Doujinshi round-up. What I'm getting for everyone.

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