May 4th, 2008

Photography: Sakura

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  • Ultraviolet: Code 044... Don't quote me on this, but I think it's based on the US film of the same name. Looks cool anyway?
  • Antique Bakery cast. I haven't seen this mentioned on LJ, but I skipped a few days because of my cold.

    Tachibana Keiichirou // Fujiwara Keiji-san
    Ono Yuusuke // Miki Shin'ichirou-san
    Kanda Eiji // Miyano Mamoru-san
    Kobayakawa Chikage // Hanawa Eiji-san (According to Wikipedia, he was in the WK OAV as an unnamed character)

    French Cuisine Advisor // Yoroizuka Toshi-san

  • Am going to bed now. Promise.