August 11th, 2008

Photography: Sakura

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I went to the first steampunkjapan meetup on Sunday in Yokohama. I went with kuroe and aionwatha and, as we came out of the station, Aion immediately spotted two Victorian ladies. We didn't believe her at first since they vanished soon afterwards, but they turned out to be bucktick and thucyken.

We got to know each other while the organisers (cortigiana and Duke) made their way back to the station (they had been there earlier to scout out all the different areas). What they hadn't counted on was every single member being a coffee fiend and needing a fix almost immediately.

One coffee shop later, we headed to the Tin Toys Museum. It was the stuff of nightmares. In between the model dirigibles and planes, there were tin clowns, metal babies with fading paint, blank painted faces with thinning hair, mismatched features... It was terrifying! One of the attendants showed us a mechanical pig cooking bacon and eggs. Pure nightmare fuel. I liked it.

They also had the biggest dog I've ever seen in Japan, called Robby (after the robot). He seemed to be as famous as the toys on display. Absolutely adorable -- I can only presume he functions as a guard and stops the clowns from escaping.

After that, we went to a cheesecake and waffle restaurant and I had some great pine-ade (with a cheesecake, of course). After that, it was off to the Iwasaki Museum, which is devoted to fashion. There were some nice clocks, artwork by Alphonse Mucha, some replica dresses and a place to sit down that could double as a photo area.

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