August 15th, 2008

Bokura no: I can has chair

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Tomorrow is Comiket, I think. I'm going to go early and try to get the Kuroshitsuji goods set. With luck, I may also be able to get the free clear file. Even if this anime turns out to be rubbish, I'll view this stuff as bonus illustrations to the manga, which is as excellent as always.

(I read Toboso-sensei's blog and she said her flatmate was laughing at Sebastian being described as a sadistic super butler by one of the anime magazines. She also said something about an "original expansion" to the anime and that she was helping out with the clothes designs.)

I updated sack_of_weasels, to include a few song lyrics with translations. Unfortunately, when Weiss Kreuz was first being aired, someone did a huge number of translations for this fandom and just made stuff up. I found this out when I clicked to remind myself of songs for a WK rating comm, believe it or not. In any case, I've done a number of new translations -- including removing any references to crying or tears in Crawford's EstE because it ain't there in the original. I don't know if my song translations are any good (probably not -- song translations are tough!), but they're definitely a little more accurate in their own way. I also added an icon of Gluhen!Aya Version One to the journal.

One question I'd like to ask... does anyone really care about being able to see the original Japanese lyrics? I started typing them up, but then I wondered if I was the only one that liked to see that information on a lyrics site.