August 18th, 2008

Kuroshitsuji: Emblem

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Friday, I went to Comiket. As per the common theme on my flist amongst those who went, everyone was subjected to long waits in high temperatures outside the venue. A girl near me looked as if she was close to fainting. I, stupidly, had no water on me. (Mainichi Shinbun says that over the course of the three days it reached the record high set by Summer Comiket 2007 which was 550,000)

I was dehydrated when I got inside, so the first thing I did was head to the Aniplex booth to get my Kuroshitsuji goods. *rereads that sentence again -- hmm* After all, they said they had limited numbers of the clear file and to get there early. Anyway, I got the goods set I wanted with a minimal queue and rushed to queue up again for the vending machine.

When I got there, all the water was sold out. Since I didn't think it would be a good idea to drink coffee again that morning, I got two bottle-cans of Pepsi Nex Zero. I drank one and felt very, very ill. It was nasty, but I was still contemplating drinking the second anyway because I was so thirsty.

At that point, a blogger from Venezuela came up to me and asked if I could speak English. This kind of delighted me since most people just assume I'm American. We got chatting and, since he was disappointed that he could only get canned coffee, I rather cruelly gave him my unopened Pepsi. In my defence, I should point out that I told him exactly what was wrong with it. That it's so horrible even dehydration might be better.

We found a place selling bottled water and I reached out to buy it, stretching... OUT OF NOWHERE Rikkai showed up, walking in my path. Yukimura apologised and Kirihara laughed at my surprise. They were the first cosplay group I'd seen that day.

After that, we walked around the booths together and I found him the ufotable booth because he was a Kara no Kyoukai fan. It was pretty cool because there was zero overlap in the series we liked and so we talked for quite a bit as we walked around. We shook hands and parted when it got to the doujinshi, because it was all yaoi.

I had previously told him that I was burned out on doujinshi and I was only here to buy Kuroshitsuji goods, but when I saw all the rows of stalls displaying Higa (Tennis no Oujisama) doujinshi, something inside me... stirred. Well, I bought one, plus the final installment of Super Tennis Robot Wars. Higa and Rikkai are really popular recently.

Then I found Kuroshitsuji doujinshi! I don't know really... I hate SebastianxCiel, but as long as that's the only thing out there, I guess I'm buying it. It's been pointed out that they are the obvious pairing in the series and I guess that's true if you think about BL genre conventions and character archetypes. But in terms of their interaction, and particularly considering Ciel's maturity levels, it's not something I want to see. Worth noting that the only non-SebastianCiel doujinshi there had already sold out.

I'll talk about suikawari and Tenimyu either tomorrow or later this evening, since I have to go to my Japanese lesson this evening and I haven't done any homework. I was supposed to have written this huge amount since last week was a holiday due to Obon.

The rest of Japan celebrates Obon at a different time from Tokyo. However, since many of these people became farmers working within Tokyo, you can usually see the traditional vegetable animals around town. The courgette/zucchini represents a horse and the aubergine/eggplant is a cow. We want our dead ancestors to arrive as quickly as possible, so we offer them a horse made of a courgette with wooden sticks for legs. To return to their graves, they can use an aubergine cow, which is a much slower animal. It's difficult to explain when I'm typing so fast... I need to do my homework!

(Oh, right. I made the icon from a wallpaper on the Kuroshitsuji computer accessory CD. It now replaces the 1893 world map of "cannibalistic tribes" which I was using before.)

As promised, I did translations for Bosanova, Casanova and sped up the one for Tokyo Sling.
Kuroshitsuji: Emblem

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It's keypound time!

More cast names for Kuroshitsuji from this post in kuroshitsuji:

Bard: Toochi Hiroki
Finnian: Kaji Yuuki
Meilin: Katou Emiri
Tanaka: Fujimura Shunji
Elizabeth: Tamura Yukari
Madam Red: Paku Romi
Grell: Fukuyama Jun
Lau: Yusa Kouji
Undertaker: Suwabe Jun'ichi

I think you can see who they are expecting to be the fan favourites. Fukuyama Jun is perfect for Grell really, although I've no idea why Suwabe and Undertaker. I like Suwabe's voice under any circumstances, so I'm still happy. He'll make it work regardless. Paku Romi as Madam Red? Spot on. Haven't listened to enough of Yusa Kouji's work to really make any judgement.

I think there will be a greater range of doujinshi come Winter Comiket... :P