November 3rd, 2008

Photography: Sakura

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  • There's going to be a Kuroshitsuji Secret Santa: kuroi_santa. Haven't decided if I'm going to sign up or not yet.

  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year Online Gallery.

    Contrary to what I stated in the earlier post, my Halloween consisted of going to meet aionwatha, going to a Meiji-style restaurant called Bashamichi, then watching Kuroshitsuji. I left pretty early because I had work the next day. I made it up the next day, when dilettantka cooked some amazing pumpkin curry and we sat around drinking cocktails made from Jägermeister and a cheap copy of Goldschläger.

    Going to see "ZED" by the Cirque du Soleil tomorrow.
  • Photography: Sakura

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    What's your approach to Yuletide sign-ups? Click all the series you know a fair amount about and hope you get something different and inspiring? Or click on the series you know well and produce the same old stuff?

    The concept of writing Allo Allo or Yes Minister slash frightens and intrigues me. WHICH IS IT!?