December 19th, 2008

Photography: Sakura

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From tricianna. I've got a space heater beside me and my cat is curled up in my lap (it's difficult to type!). One of the questions in the above meme is whether your cat paws at your face while you sleep. My cat doesn't do that... he tries to eat my hair instead. It could be that he sees it as his best opportunity to 'groom' me, or he could actually be trying to kill me.

What do you think?

He's grooming you.

I posted this in the main Kuroshitsuji community, but I didn't mention it here:

Agni: Yasumoto Hiroki (安元洋貴)
Souma: Tachibana Shinnosuke (立花慎之介)

There will also be a DS game as well.

Title: Kuroshitsuji Phantom and Ghost
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Master & Servant Adventure
Release: Spring 2009

At Moonphase, I read that the Pandora Hearts website is now open. The costume designs are nice (is that a WAISTCOAT I see??), but I found what little of the manga I read to be quite boring.'s Best of 2008

Out of top ten debut artists, I've heard only of Katy Perry, although I've never heard even a single song of hers (nope, not even "I Kissed A Girl"). On the top ten albums, I have NiN's Ghosts I-IV since, hey, free legal download. I've heard of Portishead and Signur Ros, but not the albums mentioned. And yes! I've heard and listened to a couple of songs from album in the number one spot -- Coldplay's "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends". Once again, this is because of the free downloads. Out of all the songs on the final list, I have listened to the top two -- the free Coldplay track and the title track from their album.

I'm not up to date on my music at all, it seems.

How are people managing with their Yuletide fics? I'm panicking just a little...