March 18th, 2009

Photography: Sakura

This is not the most unwanted song in the world, no, this is just a tribute...

Lots of links today.

*The first one is a post on literary agent Nathan Bransford's blog where he invites would-be authors to play fantasy basketball with him this March. Score the highest in his league with your predictions and win either a query letter evaluation or a book from one of his clients.

I've made my picks... I've practiced basketball twice and never watched it, not even on TV. I don't think it's shown on TV in any of the countries I've lived and I wouldn't even have known it was basketball if Nathan hadn't said. But there you go. I've entered anyway.

*Fanart of Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) linked to by sharona1x2.

*Weiss Kreuz caps by indelicateink.

*Man writes his resignation letter on a cake. Mostly I'm just looking at his outfit though. Love the shirt/waistcoat combination.

*The most unwanted song, scientifically composed. I stopped it about two minutes in, mostly because I have a very short attention span. How did you do?

How long did you last against the linked song?

I never pressed 'play'.
The first thirty seconds or so.
0.30 minutes - 3:00 minutes.
3:01 minutes - 6:00 minutes.
6.01 minutes - 9:00 minutes.
9.01 minutes - 12:00 minutes.
12.01 minutes - 15:00 minutes.
15.01 minutes - 18:00 minutes.
18.01 minutes - 21:57 minutes.
I listened to all 21:58 minutes of it!