May 5th, 2009

Photography: Sakura

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It's been a while, hasn't it? Although I haven't posted to Livejournal much, I'm pretty busy at Twitter (as SpamFromJapan). Speaking of which, my Tweet-length (140 characters!) story got accepted by Thaumatrope. Very happy about that.

Been busy in the outside world. Went to the Psydoll CD album launch gig and also saw Der Eisenrost, DESTRUCT SYSTEM, Custom Mummy and Taizo. If you buy the CD, you'll see me listed under 'special thanks'. Coincidentally, Loveless (digital percussion) is dressed as a butler on the cover. Surely these things couldn't be connected...? Will post photos when I'm able. It was a really good night.

And I also went to see X Japan...! I've seen them twice now. Never thought it would be possible. And I got to hear "Endless Rain" and sing along with it, just like the crowd in my live CDs. Full review to follow, I'm sure.

And Dream Live 6...! Collapse ) Will review properly later.

I've also recently joined Flickr (Pattern Interrupt) and I really love the way my photos look in my photo stream. If you're on Flickr too, please add me (ditto for Twitter and...).

Yes, I got a Dreamwidth account (AnotherWorld). Not sure what I'll do with it yet. I also got myself an Insane Journal account ages ago and we all know how well THAT turned out. Add me (assuming you want to!), but don't delete me from your LJ list.

I've been thinking recently about setting up a pro(?) anime and/or Japan blog. Will need to decide if Dreamwidth is good for that or if I'd be better off with Blogger. While I can understand why blogs with their own domain names are considered more prestigious, I'm not sure why the same is considered of Blogger. Any thoughts?

Aims: (1) A new perspective on Japan/anime. (2) Get experience I could use as a platform for writing jobs.

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