May 25th, 2009

Devil May Cry: Dante

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One ticket to Kuroshitsuji musical for sale. Opening night, THIS THURSDAY, row two. Reply to this post or email me at genkischuldich AT livejournal DOT com.

Going... going... gone! Gone to the friend of the lady in the blue yukata.
Photography: Sakura

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At Japanese class:

Me: I really want to go to Kyuushuu this summer. I've seen lots of posters within trains stations. It looks really beautiful. It has lots of tradition and culture.
Sensei: Really? What kind of traditions?
Me: Well... it was the setting for an anime and manga that I saw. It has demons and vampires. And shinigami. And lots of cake and doughnuts.
Sensei (laughing): You've given me a lot of clues as to the identity of this anime, but I have no clue which one you're talking about!

Actually, despite the silliness, the Nagasaki arc from Yami no Matsuei really did make that city *feel* amazing. Does anyone have a map of all the areas the shinigami pairs worked in? I know Tsuzuki/Hisoka were Kyuushuu and I'm sure Watari must have been Kansai. Who else? I know it was all listed in a map in the manga, but my volumes are in the UK.

I also want to go to Sendai. You know *mumble mumble* flower-arranging school... Incidentally, All That Weiss has a map of Japan showing every place Weiss has been. Ken had a mission in Kagoshima, an area which comes highly recommended.

先生 「隣の家は隣家(リンカ)と言います。」
僕 「そして、隣のアップルは隣ゴと言います。」

(^^ Sorry, this conversation doesn't work in English at all.)

Going to see Kuroshitsuji musical this week. There is no way it can be bad. No way at all. :P