May 29th, 2009

Kuroshitsuji: William

Kuroshitsuji musical review

I went to the opening night of Kuroshitsuji musical and it was amazing. Quick recap of my favourite scenes, major spoilers.

I had the opportunity to meet up with some friends beforehand, so we wandered around Sunshine City, with me in top hat and tails and my friends with various Victorian touches. Eda had kitten hair. I might have some photos to post of everyone later.

At the venue (Sunshine Gekijou), there were no Sebastian bromides for sale. However, each character had two or three costume shots, which was good. Pamphlets were only for sale after the show. They claimed they hadn't arrived yet, but that might have been to avoid spoilers for the special cameo appearances. Said pamphlets also had full lyrics!

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Overall... it was love. Going to have to find a way to see it again.