August 5th, 2009

Photography: Sakura

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Title: The Early Bird Gets The Worm (drabble)
Fandom: Velvet Under World
Characters belong to Velvet Kingdom, not me.

"What... are these? Who am I?" A.Y.A traced the tattoos with his forefinger. His alarm clock read 5:30am.

Fake stood in the doorway. No make-up today. Not even a hat. "Good morning, A.Y.A. Please have a quick look over those photos. Ignore the naked one of Velvet." Fake reached over and shoved it into his pocket.

A.Y.A stared. The photos showed murder, blood and deadly neckties.

"You, A.Y.A, are a murderer. A murderer with a giraffe fetish. And a Rubik's Cube addiction."

Pawn dashed into the room, hiding his laughter behind his hands. "And... And you're also a CROCODILE! KABOOM!"


Full summary of the CD drama here from athena8. Delighted to see it discussed on my flist!

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