December 8th, 2009

Photography: Sakura

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And one more thank you to potter for the snowflake cookie. :)

Yesterday I posted about new anime, including more Code Geass and Saiyuuki Gaiden, but most people wanted to see my haircut! I totally misjudged the interests of my flist! (I kid, I kid!)

Anyway, here's some pics I took tonight. New haircut. Due to the security settings (friends only), you'll need to be logged on properly to see it.

I just posted another Kit-Kat review to my blog. Those things are taking over, I swear. A list of recent posts:
My first trip to a maid cafe.
Obama masks for Halloween?
Going to the doctor in Japan.
Kit-Kats: Ginger Ale Kit-Kat, Royal Milk Tea Kit-Kat and in the newest post, Kinako Ohagi Kit-Kat.

Going to bed now...