March 21st, 2010

Chintsubu: Rabbit!

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I'm glad it's a holiday tomorrow, because I've spent so much time doing stuff this weekend, I haven't had time to get anything done.

Err... You know what I mean.

Yesterday, I went round the Edo Tokyo Tatemono En (江戸東京たてもの園), which is an outdoor museum dedicated to reconstructed/restored buildings from the Edo period to the mid-twentieth century. They had a florists from 1927, which used to be located in south Tokyo (if I remember correctly), before it was moved to the museum. Plot bunny, anyone? I have photos.

There will be a blog post, or you can just check my Twitter stream for a handful of photos. I still haven't got the post about fire-walking done. I did one for the JSOC blog matsuri instead, writing about fox haiku for the youkai theme. My dissertation for my degree was on more-or-less the same topic as haiku are a microcosm of everything that can go wrong (or right) in a translation, but I think I prefer my blog post. :)

The Fox and the Haiku

Speaking of writing, I entered my NCAA bracket for Nathan Bransford's Blog Challenge. You get a free partial critique from him if you win. From the very first day, I've been hovering between first and second place on the leaderboard but Collapse ). I had them picked as winners of the entire thing, but they've just gone and busted my bracket. I'm still in second place, but it can't last because having picked that team will make a bigger and bigger difference the longer the tournament goes on.

Anyway, last night I went to Club Walpurgis (goth all-nighter) and ended up having a conversation at 5am with a drunk guy about the 1812 overture and which was the best piece from The Planet Suite. I said Jupiter, he said Mars. We argued amiably. Then he started pinching the half-naked (male) DJ's nipples. S'okay, they're friends.

As usual, there was a butoh dance performance from Taizo. Love that stuff, don't know why.

However, when I got out of the club, it was raining and will pretty hefty winds. As it got lighter while we were walking home, I could see bins tossed across the road, branches on the pavement, and a ton of fallen dekopon down the back-alleys. Looks like Tokyo had a severe storm, but we didn't even notice.

Need to figure out birthday plans. Is anyone interested in doing anything? Right now, I'm thinking of maybe going to a theme restaurant and then to a screening of Alice in Wonderland (or some other film). Or we could all stay at home and drink and watch movies. It depends though... is anyone even available and interested?

Finally, I'm really looking forward to Wrestlemania 26. Don't know why anime and WWE fandoms don't mix... This is the shoujo live-action you've been searching for, guys! I'm looking forward to The Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels match. Undertaker's winning streak at this event is almost sacred, but if anyone can do it, it's Michaels. I really hope he gets it.

Of course, also looking forward to the Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase Triple Threat Match. I ship it. All of it.