July 2nd, 2010

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Best. Interview. Ever.

More Velvet Underworld. Kyarabi printed an interview with Koyas-- No, wait. AYA. They printed an interview with AYA. I've included the original Japanese if you'd prefer to read it directly or if you want to translate it into another language. Such as Russian. ;)


It's great to be able to meet you!
"Yes. I don't think I'll be able to tell you anything of significance though."

You always dress in suits, don't you?
"Yeah, [my lover] 'V'... told me this is the uniform of a dark hunter. It suits me."

One of your skills is excellent marksmanship. How did you become so good with guns?
"[My friend] Dry tells me that before I lost my memories, I was a police detective. More than mere knowledge, it's an ability that's encoded into my body."

If you got into a marksmanship competition with Linx-san, who would win?
"......Hmm. Well, there's no question his sniping ability is beyond mine. He's a member of Erinis, after all, and I have faith in his skill."

You use your tie as a weapon to strangle people. What kind of material is it made from?
"It's made from a special fiber reinforced material developed by Erinis. The material is light like feathers, but tough like wire."

Why do you finish off your enemies with a tie rather than a gun?
"I feel incredible hatred towards Mixed Paranoia. I can't dispel the evil of my mortal enemy with a mere gun..."

When the tattooed names on your body are erased with a branding iron, how do you feel?
"...No, I can't really remember. But more than pain, I probably feel joy at the return of my memories...... At least, that's what I'd assume."

Now let's get to the heart of your story and look at 'Project Weiss'...


Err, A.Y.A-san? Did you fall asleep?
"...Mm, yes."

So, about 'Project Weiss'? What can you tell us?
"Who............ Who are you?"

Huh? No way! Your memories vanished with that tiny sleep just now!?
"Where am I? And who... who am I!?"

A second interview was attempted with A.Y.A-san, but because his memories had reset he had so many questions it was like he was interviewing us (LOL). If you're curious about 'Project Weiss', please listen to Drama CD 3 "The Death".

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