July 30th, 2010

Photography: Sakura

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Ghost Crab Eats Oil (Photos from the Deepwater Horizon clean-up)

Inception soundtrack was a slowed down version of 'Non, je ne regrette rien' (YouTube) (Err... thought it was in the same key, didn't notice the extent of the similarity though. But just hearing it made me want to see the movie again.)

Most caffeinated US cities (Actually, aside from the subject, one of the stock photos made me pause and remember it from an English textbook I had to teach from.)

Saiyuki Gaiden anime site now up

Shibuya Station photographs

Photographs from the US, 1939 - 1943


I went out with dilettantka and blodeuedd today -- we originally were going to see fireworks, but since it was raining I tagged along with them while they went to purikura and ate parfait. We went to Milky Way in Ikebukuro and I ordered a chocolate parfait. When it came, IT WAS ON FIRE. I wouldn't have had to put any thought into choosing if I'd known.

(Also had this conversation:

Me: What hanzi do you think my character would use for his name? Traditional or simplified?
Her: Well, it depends on where he's from.
Me: ...He's from another planet.)

Anyway, as I've said before, doing things is always productive. As it happens, I finished typing up the rough draft of a fanfic. Now I just need to add some description.

I also made a hair appointment for tomorrow.
Photography: Sakura

(no subject)

Free photography e-book for download: 88 Temple Pilgrimage: Ryozenji

Face On Mars Not Actually Face

Baby meerkat! (YouTube)

Anne Rice quits Christianity, Returns to Vampires

Rats! In New York! (YouTube)

Rare Otter is Long, Happy

Crawford cosplay preview from lokuro


I went to the hairdressers today -- Sin Den in Harajuku is fantastic. I don't think I mentioned that I got my hair cut a couple of months ago, but I acknowledged I was putting it off. Anyway, when I went there, my name was already in the system as William. No problems at all.

Today, I went there again and I said I wanted my hair much shorter (today was the last day of work for three weeks). So my stylist simply got out a GQ magazine and we went from there. Again, no problems.

...Except that I now look like my little brother.

Photo is here, btw. You should be able to see it as long as you're on my flist and logged in.

Working on my WK AU ba(n)dfic now. Might post tonight...