August 25th, 2010

Mudazumo: Koizumi

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Arrived back in Japan around ten in the morning yesterday and I'm on the train to work today. The past three weeks have been more difficult than I expected. One of the more amusing observations of the holiday: British people are really, REALLY into meerkats now.

I'll reply to comments this evening if I can. Feeling pretty tired right now (and thirsty, but will remedy that in about twenty minutes when I get off at my stop). My writing is going okay and I'm going to be sending off query letters by the weekend, I hope. Until then, here are some interesting links that I pasted into my LJ post as I found them (I've had patchy wifi access):

China travelogue from blodeuedd. I've been thinking about seeing China before I go back to the UK, so this is useful.

Lotus flowers at a war shrine [photo]

Yasukuni in the 1940s and a reminder of the problems surrounding Yasukuni here.

Song lyrics as Google Maps.

Digimon site updated (mainly for ruebert).

Weiss Kreuz in the 18th century [fanart] from indelicateink.

What are the most popular elements of fantasy art in book covers?

Another Jupiter impact