April 28th, 2011

Photography: Flower

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Izakaya: Kagaya I'm planning to visit in the near future. Just need somebody to go with!
Nature: Green cherry blossom
Nuclear Power: Chernobyl Tourism The people visiting are as interesting as the object of their tourism...
Setsuden: Japanese Firms Ready to Save Power

Stupid cocktail recipe:
'Schuldig' -- a shot of Jagermeister (German, reputed to be made with blood) and Midori (Japanese, signature colour and seiyuu ref) and White Chocolate Cream Liqueur ("Weiss"). Intriguingly, it looks like a purin. That's an effect I'd like to work with.

Oh, and tastes better than the ingredients might suggest.

Watched some more anime -- both [C] Control and Ao no Exorcist hit that precise 'cool spot' with specific characters this week.

Tiger and Bunny #4

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Summary: Still enjoying this.

Ao no Exorcist #2

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Summary: From pointless to AWESOME. Start from the second ep if you're going to watch this, although I'll admit it's not a great sign when ep 1 is filler. Subs need a lot of work.

C Control #2

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Summary: Mikuni is my new favourite character. Another ep out tonight.